Envision Search: The Foundation for a Successful Search Campaign

Sometimes my colleagues think I’m crazy. When I talk about my passion for search campaigns — including all the wonky combinations and permutations that can be executed to find a particular market share of prospective students — I am sure they think I am beyond “super nerd” status.

Admittedly, there are times when I drill in far too deep while tooling around with combinations for a search campaign. However, one thing that no one argues with is that an effective enrollment cycle can be won or lost on the prospects and leads that make up said campaigns.

At its most basic level student search is the foundation for an effective search campaign. And the effectiveness of our campaigns can be the difference maker when it comes to getting to the Net Tuition Revenue that is required for the institution’s annual budget.

Having been in the director’s chair in two admissions offices for as long as I was, I will always care about this challenge!

Admittedly, every institution is different in the way that they “run search.” Some have the luxury of only needing a small portion of students from this method while others rely on it heavily — sometimes up to 50 percent of the incoming group; maybe even more.

Regardless, Capture Higher Ed’s partners have the distinct market advantage of applying machine learning in both linear and non-linear prediction methods on a pre-purchase level. We call this Envision Search, consulting services that use historical and ongoing data analysis and information from our Envision Prediction Engine to develop the smartest strategy to find qualified, mission-fit prospects.

Ultimately, what this tool leads to is greater results — plain and simple!

If you want to find out more, take Capture’s leading-edge search engine for a test drive with an Envision Trial. The process is simple and you will learn a lot.

By Jamie Gleason, Senior Enrollment Advisor, Capture Higher Ed