Episode 18 – Best Of The Buzz!

In this episode we have a special treat for our listeners. Our hosts, Jack Klett, Jamie Gleason and Amanda Scott have moved on from Capture recently but we wanted to give them a proper send-off from our Buzz audience. So we have gathered a TOP FIVE list of our best clips from The Buzz podcast. Please sit back enjoy and give a happy cheers to our former hosts and all the success we’re sure they will find in their future endeavors.

Clip 01: Episode 10 – Creativity and Higher Education
Clip 02: Episode 14 – The Slow Crawl – Evolving the Higher Ed Service Model
Clip 03: Episode 08 – Higher Ed & Sustainability
Clip 04: Special Episode – Maximize Virtual Engagement During COVID-19
Clip 05: Episode 11 – Future. Forward. Together.