Aid: Maximize Your Budget with Financial Aid Modelling

Behavioral Intelligence Platform: AID

Increase enrollment while saving resources

AID, one of three predictive modeling products within the Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP) that is managed by a data science team, optimizes financial aid awards and increases enrollment by using machine learning.

Power and Control

AID gives schools the power to build financial aid models that go beyond traditional, inefficient matrix-based aid structures and the control to optimize the amount of discretionary financial aid to award each student.

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Aid: Maximize Your Budget with Financial Aid Modelling, Capture Higher Ed

AID gives you the ability to:


Increase your enrolled class size while staying under your aid budget.


Quickly and accurately calculate tuition revenue amounts, total aid spend and discount rates for your current set of admitted students.


Decrease and adjust spend and distributions while maximizing student retention.


Calculate aid adjustments in real time to see the impact on your enrollment and net tuition revenue.

Interactive Dashboard

Results are showcased in an interactive dashboard where student-level probabilities and aid award adjustments can be downloaded. Model performance metrics are transparently displayed in real time. No more confusing spreadsheets or pivot tables to decipher.

The dashboard displays real-time updates to the predicted net tuition revenue and predicted discount rate values as adjustments are being made. In addition to these metrics, the dashboard also displays the predicted aid spend, total offered aid amount, the amount of aid being increased, the amount of aid being decreased and more.

Aid: Maximize Your Budget with Financial Aid Modelling, Capture Higher Ed
Aid: Maximize Your Budget with Financial Aid Modelling, Capture Higher Ed

A Machine Learning Solution

AID’s industry leading accuracy for financial aid modelling is based on its machine learning and ability to leverage hundreds of variables across multiple algorithms.

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AID is a managed service. The Capture professionals who will help you get the most out of AID include your:

  • Data Scientists and Analysts: To run the predictive engine that creates your AID models, leveraging your institutional and public data sets to help you better maximize your financial aid resources.
  • Account Executive: Enrollment experts who serve as the primary contact to create your strategies, assess your performance metrics, and guide the building and implementation of your Partner Success Plan.
  • Project Manager: To ensure efficient approval, launch and optimization of the campaigns suggested by your AID model.