Engage with Prospective Students in a Better Way

Engage with Prospective Students in a Better Way

The team at Capture Higher Ed attended 45 different colleges and universities. Forty-five places of learning and discovery that shaped who we are, and changed our lives. Forty-five institutions — all forged with daring missions and bold purpose.

What we have seen first hand is that you, and the thousands of other dedicated enrollment professionals are among the most passionate and hard-working champions of these most audacious institutional designs. You are on the frontlines in communities all over the world ensuring that your institutions’ missions survive and thrive.

But when you, as an admissions professional, seek advice from the enrollment industry, all you hear are variations of the same tired idea: buy more names of prospective students, buy a bigger CRM, purchase more ads, spend more money.

The enrollment professionals we talk to know that something is off. There’s a voice that says, “I’m doing more, but getting less — there has to be a better way.” If what I have just described sounds like you, I have a message for you today. You are right, there is a better way to engage with your prospective students.

Like you, Capture believes that connections to prospective students should be meaningful, engaging and relevant. The truth is: you already have enough interest in your institution; you are simply looking in the wrong place. Every school, no matter how big or small, has a powerful, organic stream of excited, engaged prospective students visiting their school’s website everyday.

Our Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) software puts your stream of prospective students within reach and provides tools to help you engage with them automatically, or personally with your staff, at just the right time.

There is a new way of engaging on a personal level with prospective students — less mass market, more human connection.

I’m Thom Golden, senior vice president of data science at Capture Higher Ed and co-host of The Weightlist Podcast. I’m asking you to join me in a growing movement of thoughtful enrollment professionals who are discovering a new way to engage meaningfully with students to bring these vital institutional missions to life.

By Thom Golden, Senior Vice President of Data Science, Capture Higher Ed