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The Art of Communication: How Capture Creates Emails

The Art of Communication: How Capture Creates Emails

What kind of thought goes into the email campaigns Capture Higher Ed creates for its partners? A lot! Capture’s content writers are trained in not only the fundamentals of email marketing but in the detailed art of writing itself. Writers aren’t just creators of copy: they’re artists.

In the recent webinar, The Art of Communication: How Capture Creates Emails, Capture’s Senior Content Writer Sean Hill discusses the elements of narrative, audience, grammar, intention and more.

“All of the skills I’ve learned in writing get plied in a number of ways here at Capture Higher Ed,” Hill says during the webinar introduction. “Everything from books I’ve written for the company to weekly blogs to the haiku of all that writing, which is the email.”

During the webinar, Hill covers several major, interrelated points about what should be considered when constructing a strong email or simply writing well in general. They are:

Get Their Attention

The primary purpose of any web communication, before everything else, is to get the reader’s attention and keep it. That is what “The Attention Economy” is about: in today’s online world, there is a shortage of attention. Attention is the commodity we seek to secure.

Know Your Audience

The audience of the university admissions office is Gen Z. They’ve grown up their whole lives with the Internet and technology. They distrust marketing and higher education. They are more prone to respond to influencers, especially those on social media: Instagram, YouTube, etc.

The Art of Writing

Learn about narrative (the overall structure of the communication), paragraph (one point at a time, keep them short), sentence (fashioned for pacing with musicality and exquisite grammar), and word (chosen for precision, keep it monosyllabic, imagistic and Germanic … in other words, keep it simple).

Apply it to Your Emails

Where it all comes together. The email is built to grab a student’s attention and maintain it using techniques they are familiar with like short, sharp sentences, bold fonts and infographics.

Go here to enjoy this insightful, useful and engaging webinar about the importance and, yes, the art of good communication.