How to Increase Student Enrollment While Optimizing Financial Aid

One of Capture Higher Ed’s clients — a private, Catholic, liberal arts college in the Northeast — is on track this fall to increase student enrollment by 17 percent compared to before partnering with Capture two years ago. The college, which has been collaborating with Capture to drive applications and enrollment, also optimized its financial aid using a Capture predictive model to increase student enrollment for less aid money.

Using AID, Capture’s financial aid model product, the school boosted its net tuition revenue by an estimated $400,000 compared to other strategies they considered. Capture’s highly accurate, comprehensive predictive engine for higher education allows colleges and universities to create financial aid models to replace old, inefficient matrix-based aid structure. Running an institution’s admits through the model, Capture can tell its partners the optimum amount of aid to award each student in a way that will maximize enrollment for their aid budget.

During the 2017-18 enrollment cycle, the college also utilized Capture’s suite of Digital Advertising services, which use a multi-channel approach to deliver customized display ads to prospects, tailoring the content and creative of each ad for specific audience segments. These display ads promote brand awareness, engagement, conversions and the effectiveness of all other marketing campaigns. It’s a complementary approach to online advertising using the most innovative technologies available.

Another product the college deployed was Capture’s email-marking services, creating and sending branded, personalized emails with targeted content to prospects segmented by their status. A prospect’s engagement — for example, opens, click-thus, etc. — triggers a custom communication flow to maximize conversions. Smart direct mail was also used as part of an integrated approach to increase brand awareness and encourage responses and conversions.

These services were coordinated, enhanced and tracked through ENGAGE, Capture’s marketing automation designed specifically for higher education. ENGAGE is an innovative tool that monitors visitor behavior on a partner’s website, so a college or university can learn more about what prospective students are looking for and send them targeted messages in real time. The intelligence enables more intentional, real-time opportunities.

Nearly 60 percent of the college’s deposited students either opened or clicked through an email from Capture; clicked through a digital display ad; or clicked through a piece of dynamic content triggered by ENGAGE.

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By Kevin Hyde, Senior Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed