How To Increase Your CBE Adoption Score — Four Easy Wins

Capture Higher Ed partners who use Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE), our special brand of marketing automation for higher education, are seeing a new number in their Daily Visitor Reports — a CBE Adoption Score.

What’s this all about?

After CBE tracks a partner’s site for 90 days, it applies an adoption score to the visitor report, which is delivered daily via email. The score essentially gives the partner a rating on how fully CBE has been implemented and is being used on its website.

The CBE Adoption Score is comprised of several factors involving how complete standard on-boarding of the technology has progressed.

  • Has the CBE code been added to the site?
  • Have all the pages been tagged?
  • Is tracking verification set up?
  • Have IP ranges of the campus network been provided?
  • Is the Daily Visitor Report working?
  • Has the Weekly CBE Export been created and being utilized?
  • Are there any Active Progressive ID forms being served?
  • How many CBE campaigns are launched?
  • How is the identification rate on the website?
  • Are the logins set up and working?

Current partners who are interested in increasing their CBE Adoption Scores may start with a few easy wins that can be done on their end. Start by answering these questions:

  1. Are you sending out emails with CBE-enabled links?
  2. Do you have custom fields added to your Daily Visitor Report?
  3. How many progressive ID form campaigns do you have running? Is it more than two? You can work with your Senior Enrollment Advisor or Partner Success Manager to ensure you have at least two running.
  4. Are you (and your team) logging into CBE at least once a week?

As the new CBE Adoption Score was implemented, the CBE product team immediately began working in conjunction with Capture’s advisory services team to develop an improved score — Adoption Score 2.0. We are analyzing current results for our partners and will make adjustments to the formula to improve how our partners are scored.

For more information on how to get the most out of CBE, consult our marketing automation adoption guide, “Best Practices for CBE.”

By Jackie Pratt, CBE Product Manager, Capture Higher Ed