Increase Your Student Enrollment

Behavioral Intelligence Platform: ENGAGE

Marketing Automation Built Specifically for Higher Education

magnifying glassIdentify your prospects.

Identify students and generate robust, data-rich profiles for all of your prospective students based on their engagement.

word bubblesConnect with relevance.

Deliver customized, timely and relevant experiences at each step of a student’s enrollment journey.

money sign and graduate headshotReduce your marketing spend per student.

Reduce the time and cost required to create a meaningful relationship between student and school while eliminating dependency on aimless mass marketing.

magic wandConvert your prospects into applicants.

Leverage predictive analytics and marketing automation to influence specific and important outcomes — including applying and completing.

40x ROI

Capture’s client universities using ENGAGE receive 40 times their return on investment.

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19% Increase

A public university on the West Coast increased graduate enrollment in targeted programs by 19%.

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16% Larger

The first class recruited to the new Jefferson was among the largest in history.

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Why ENGAGE Matters

Powered by behavior intelligence and machine learning, ENGAGE tailors student experiences by delivering automated, personalized, 1:1 messaging automatically — when students want it — without additional resources from your team. The software:

  • Identifies prospective students who are not on lists by engaging and identifying anonymous/stealth prospects who have not identified themselves in traditional ways, i.e. through testing agencies.
  • Prioritizes enrollment and marketing staff outreach by providing unique insights into each website visitor through daily reporting, behavioral scoring and online dashboards.
  • Is marketing automation built specifically for higher education with reporting metrics, prospect profile pages, campaign reports and much more.
  • Offers automated or semi-automated  data exchanges with CRM to ensure the most up-to-date status on all prospect data.

ENGAGE includes:

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Enrollment Metrics

dashboard monitor icon

Online Dashboards
and Reporting

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Dynamic Content

Enrollment Success Metrics

Identify prospective students, connect with relevance, reduce your marketing spend per student with results 

Behavior-based enrollment metrics impact every enrollment and marketing professional by improving the speed to relevant conversations and reducing the time to conversion. Behavioral data impacts the success at every level of the organization. Capture’s proprietary algorithms identities leads, calculates a prospect’s level of interest, and provides behavior scores to guide counselor actions.

Capture’s Enrollment Success Metrics
daily visitor report and user profile
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Triggered Text
Through Capture’s partnership with Mongoose, the leading higher ed texting platform, behavior-based triggered text messages can be sent to your identified website visitors.

Triggered Email
Personalized, relevant, and when the student wants it. These emails are delivered once the visitor has completed a desired action. It is like having a virtual counselor, for the email is triggered any time of the day and based on the visitor’s behavior.

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Dynamic Content

Progressive Identification Forms (PIDs)
Identify students which lists did not and trigger personalized content. These short forms collect pertinent information and can be served as a popover or as an embedded piece of content on your site. Every interaction is tracked within the student’s profile.

Toasters target a precise group of people, or a larger populace. Effective calls to action include applying for admission, signing up for an open house, registering for admitted student day and more.

A Pop-over dynamically displays over a web page and can be a graphic, form, short piece of HTML content or media, such as a video. Pop-overs, like toasters, can have a specific call to action that is clearly defined for the visitor. Pop-overs will display only once, regardless of the action taken by the visitor.

Image Swaps and Image Inserts

  • Image Swap: A graphic with a specific message that replaces an image currently on the partner website when viewed by a visitor matching specific behavioral or demographic criteria.
  • Image Insert:  Can be used to add a new image onto a page. We have used this method to provide special messaging to specific groups; for instance out-of-state students might see a different message or image than in-state students.

Image Swaps and Image Inserts give you the ability to populate new images, or replace existing images, on your website based on behavioral or demographic criteria.

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Additional Solutions for Today’s Enrollment Leaders


Context makes a conversation compelling. You learn more about your potential students as they engage and interact with your institution. Additional behavioral insights and data points inform and shape messaging into relevant, timely and meaningful interactions that help the student to explore your institution with confidence and clarity.

Email Address Targeting
Digital ads help increase student enrollment because they are targeted to devices based on an individual’s email address. These ads are distributed across traditional ad networks or to specific social ad networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Household IP Targeting
IP algorithm that determines the IP address based on a physical address, then used for precise ad targeting to any connected device in that household.

GEO-IP Targeting
Capture’s GEO-IP targeting helps you to target your marketing to specific geographical regions by serving ads to anyone browsing on networks within the defined area. GEO-IP targeting gives you the control to pinpoint your message to reach potential students whether they are near your campus, out of state or close to an event or conference.


Website Retargeting
Industry-leading ad networks are used to deliver digital ads to previous site visitors. Website Retargeted ads will be displayed to your site abandoner as he or she browses the internet. The messages of the ads are custom designed reflect the moment of engagement, your institution’s tone and voice and keep your brand in front of bounced traffic. Capture’s Website Retargeting Ads function across platforms, operating systems and will display on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.

Social Retargeting
As the name implies, Social Retargeting ads are more socially focused and are displayed within the Facebook and Instagram ad networks. Social Retargeting also targets previous site visitors by serving relevant and timely ads. Increase your student enrollment with refined messaging that speaks directly to socially engaged potential students, their parents and friends after they have left your site.