Increase Your Yield and Reduce Your Melt

Behavioral Intelligence Platform: ENROLL

The information you need … in enough time to take action.

up and down arrowsGrow yield, reduce melt.

Reveal the status of your class with plenty of time to take action and hit enrollment goals year after year.

arrow and targetFocus efforts, convert admits.

Focus on admitted students who have not yet deposited but you can most influence.

Increase Your Yield and Reduce Your Melt, Capture Higher EdShape classes, target resources.

Get a highly accurate gauge on a class with the control to confidently make decisions that shape it as well as know where to spend your marketing resources.

crystal ballFree staff from complex predictions.

Free your team from wasting time on admitted students they can’t influence.

99% Accuracy

USC wanted a better idea of what their class would look like, so they turned to the Capture’s ENROLL for help.

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573 Applicants

A 40% increase in applications by Jefferson’s deadline, representing 573 additional applications from prospects.

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42% Increase

Increased by 42% from the previous year, with a total of 129 new students enrolling for the fall 2018

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Convert Admitted Students Into Enrolled Students

ENROLL helps you achieve strategic enrollment planning. Giving you the confidence and ability to focus your efforts toward admitted students who have not yet deposited but who have a high predicted probability of doing so. These are the students most interested in your school who may just need a nudge.

Powered by machine learning, ENROLL accepts thousands of data points to produce models using hundreds of powerful indicators, including behavioral data, so you can always have a highly accurate gauge on your class. With an industry-leading 98% accuracy, ENROLL gives you the control to make decisions that shape your class confidently as well as know where to spend your marketing resources.

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Enroll includes:


Real-time predictions as students move through the funnel. 


Interactive Dashboard with studentlevel reporting.


Machine Learning Models incorporating thousands of variables.

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AID data into each

ENROLL is a managed service. The Capture professionals who will help you get the most out of ENROLL include your:

  • Data Scientists and Analysts: To run the predictive engine that creates your ENROLL models, leveraging your institutional and public data sets to help you decrease melt and increase yield.
  • Account Executive: Enrollment experts who serve as the primary contact to create your strategies, assess your performance metrics, and guide the building and implementation of your Partner Success Plan.
  • Project Manager: To ensure efficient approval, launch and optimization of the campaigns suggested by your ENROLL model.
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