Inside Higher Ed Editor Outlines ‘Top 10 Issues in Admissions’

INNOVATE 2022, Capture Higher Ed’s virtual conference for enrollment management and marketing professionals, opened with a presenter who likely needed no introduction for those working in higher education. For more than 20 years, Inside Higher Ed co-founder and editor, Scott Jaschik, has been a leading voice on higher education issues.

For his INNOVATE presentation, Jaschik outlined his “Top 10 Issues in Admissions” — a discussion about new issues emerging in higher education and those that are coming back around. Along the way, he touched on the enduring quality of regional universities, difficulties in the transfer market, how Capture partner Duquesne University saw a 20 percent increase in first-year students (above pre-pandemic levels), and the potency of using faculty and alumni personalization when recruiting students.

Jaschik’s “Top 10 Issues in Admissions” include:

1. There’s never been a better time to be at Harvard (Or Yale …) if you’re in admissions.

2. For regional colleges and universities, it’s quite different.

3. For community colleges, it’s been a terrible time.

4. Transfer enrollment is hurting.

5. Duquesne is enrolling a great class due to focus on mission.

6. SUNY Oswego focused on the numbers that count.

7. International students remain uncertain.

8. Standardized tests are fading.

9. Affirmative action is in danger.

10. Some colleges are interested in something different.

To hear what he had to say about each of these, check out Jaschik’s opening keynote at INNOVATE 2022.