Make Your Graduate Admissions Process More Approachable

In a recent interview about graduate admissions planning for the year 2020 and beyond, Jack Klett, Capture Higher Ed’s director of graduate and online initiatives, implored graduate enrollment offices to keep their applicants better informed throughout the enrollment process.

Jack Klett

“When we look at all the ways in which we engage and interact with prospective students, and particularly applicants, I really would encourage my graduate colleagues to make the process a bit more approachable,” he says. “If we think about the ways students interact with technology, and think about everything that is accessible just by hopping on a phone — being approved for a mortgage, being approved for a credit card, making dinner reservations, booking airfare — it’s all very easy to do, very intuitive, very user friendly.

“When applying for graduate admissions, there are so many various components that it can be a bit daunting … Providing mechanisms by which students are better informed more quickly about where they are in the process — using technology in ways that allow us to easily deliver those messages and provide that status — that is something we should definitely be focusing on moving forward.”

2020 Vision Klett was being interviewed for Capture’s upcoming e-feature, Do You Have 2020 Vision? Planning for Next Year and Beyond. During a wide-ranging conversation, he talks about how the past decade was transformative for graduate enrollment, what he took away from NAGAP 2019, what’s the first thing he would do if taking over a grad admissions office today, and much more.


To hear more from Jack, as well as what Capture’s experts in undergraduate recruitment and university advancement are recommending for future planning, keep an eye out for Do You Have 2020 Vision? Planning for Next Year and Beyond.

By Kevin Hyde, Senior Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed