A Marketer’s Dream, Part 2: Digital Advertising and Marketing Automation For Colleges Are A Winning Combo

(Be sure to read A Marketer’s Dream, Part 1: Digital Advertising Is King.)

According to Hanover Research, the top four areas that vice presidents of marketing in higher education will be focused on this year are:

1) Responsive Design and Mobile Development

2) Use of Web Analytics

3) Strategic Use of Social Media

4) Marketing Automation

What I love about this research — it shows that you have to get the basics right. You can do No. 3 and No. 4 ALL DAY long, but if your website SUCKS or you don’t have access to DATA — your message might as well be on an outdoor billboard.

Responsive web design and access to analytics is kind of the ticket to the game. Strategic use of digital advertising for colleges — IP targeting, retargeting, mobile geo-fencing, social media and marketing automation — are all in the playbook.

Some of my favorite use-cases for our partners:

Utilizing Re-Targeting, we continued to push international prospects BACK to our partner’s website. With our marketing automation software, Engage, we were able to then message them very specific content about life as an international student. Many students who received both the digital ads AND the marketing automation went on to apply.

Utilizing IP Targeting, we focused on recruiting junior prospects located out-of-state. We drove those prospects back to early-application web pages, and when they were there we delivered marketing automation dynamic content as well. We were able to track the students who received both tactics and see that they applied at a higher rate than those who didn’t.

Utilizing Email Targeting, we focused on a group of applied students to encourage them to get signed up for Orientation Days. With MA we could track who clicked on our ads, and who visited our Orientation pages to make sure their intent was still real. But for the students who weren’t engaging, we used that data to tell our partner they needed to intervene ASAP to make sure those students were still planning on attending.

These are just a few of the success stories of having both of these amazing marketing tactics working together. With marketing automation you can better track the efficacy of all of your programs — especially your digital advertising programs.

With access to this influential data, our partners are able to make quick and informed decisions early-cycle, mid-cycle, and up until the latest deadlines.

Long gone are the days of wondering what’s going on. There are dozens of options in digital advertising that give you the targeted reach you need. Partner that with the tracking and data insights available with digital advertising for colleges with marketing automation, and you truly have a winning combination.

 By Ellen Stubbs, Vice President of Marketing, Capture Higher Ed