Maximizing Virtual Events: A New Joint Offering from Capture and PlatformQ Education

Colleges and universities were turning more and more to virtual events and online interactions even before 2020. But the mass disruptions caused by the pandemic necessitated the widespread use of these events during the recruitment cycle while also revealing their effectiveness and convenience.

Now, virtual events are a cornerstone of any enrollment marketing plan. Events have evolved from being a scheduled session on a single day to the experience of any engagement interaction with a student. But collecting, measuring, and capitalizing on traffic from that engagement continues to be challenging for schools.

That’s why Capture Higher Ed and PlatformQ Education have teamed up to offer ENGAGE Events, which allows universities to harness the power of PlatformQ Education’s Conduit — an interactive platform that empowers enrollment offices to run large-scale online events and host curated, on-demand content — with Capture’s ENGAGE, marketing automation built for college recruitment.

Using behavior intelligence and machine learning, ENGAGE Events tailors student experiences by delivering automated, personalized, 1:1 messaging automatically — when students want it — without additional resources from counselors or other members of the enrollment team.

Enroll More

During Capture’s national virtual conference, INNOVATE 2021, Gil Rogers, PlatformQ Education’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Marketing and Outreach, and Anne Freihofer, Capture’s Senior Enrollment Solutions Consultant, talked about aligning analytics and automation with virtual engagement to maximize enrollment success.

Their presentation, “Enroll More: Case Studies Combining Behavioral Intelligence and Continuous Content,” offered examples of how universities successfully enrolled more students using Engage and Conduit in concert with each other.

“It’s not always about more content,” Rogers said. “It’s about more of the right content, and the right content at the right time via the right communication channel, which is a lot of rights to get right. Right?”

The power of the relationship between Conduit and ENGAGE gives prospective students the ability to choose their experience, Freihofer said.

“If students want or need to experience you from a distance, fantastic,” she said. “You should make that content available in real time where they are. But let’s make sure we’re measuring it. Let’s make sure we’re triggering [content] when necessary and really making sure that it’s unique to the individual student journey.”

And that’s what ENGAGE Events is all about.

Ensuring Impact

Through ENGAGE Events, we help identify the moments that matter.

Virtual engagement data from Conduit are integrated with the ENGAGE module of Capture’s industry-leading Behavioral Intelligence Platform. This integration ensures that the impact of virtual efforts can be seen immediately by incorporating attendance and actions into ENGAGE’s comprehensive visit tracking, visitor identification and Capture-assigned behavioral engagement scores.

ENGAGE Events empowers institutions to use visitor engagement and behavior to segment future marketing efforts, prioritize event invitations, and focus costlier engagement channels (like print and advertising) on the most interested and highest probability prospects.

Also, finely targeted dynamic content served by ENGAGE can be used to promote live and on-demand content, generating more attendance identifying more prospects and closing the feedback loop of traditional recruitment efforts.

Finally, leveraging existing data in ENGAGE, allows enrollment offices to prioritize virtual event marketing strategies by tailoring invitations to the right audience, boosting efficiency and outcomes at each step of the way.

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