Microscholarships: A New Trend in Financial Aid

In the sixth installment of The Weight List, Dr. Thom Golden and Dr. Brad Weiner had a conversation with George Kirkland, co-founder of Raise.me, a start-up company that’s attempting to revolutionize the awarding of scholarships.

The company began with an observation by CEO, Preston Silverman.

While working in India, Silverman saw students who wanted to go to college but couldn’t afford it. He thought about this; why should a high school student have to wait until senior year to secure funding for college?

Silverman figured that awarding scholarships earlier — even starting from a high school student’s freshman year — was a powerful incentive to progress toward college. He also envisioned young high school students earning scholarship money for their achievements as they went.

Capture’s data scientists talk to George Kirkland about partnering with colleges, social entrepreneurism, and the role of a private start-up in the realm of public education.

Listen in on the conversation at The Weight List, Episode 6: Interview with George Kirkland Co-Founder of Raise.me.

By Sean Hill, Senior Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed