How to Find a New Niche of Prospective College Students

At Capture Higher Ed, we have created nearly a dozen ways to communicate with prospective college students in real-time. Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) alone offers 11 different types of dynamic content tactics. One of these tactics is the Progressive Identification (PID) form.

A PID form is a short form (pop up or embedded) that collects basic information such as name, email, phone number, etc. in order to identify a visitor. Completed forms can also trigger other pieces of dynamic content, and our team of experts will advise partners on how we can help identify visitors that are on your site but haven’t raised their hand yet.

CBE also allows for the tracking of anonymous traffic on our partners’ websites. The automated PID forms are served to visitors on the sites based on their behavioral pattern. When a visitor submits one of these forms, CBE first looks to match prospective college students with the information our partners pass over to us from their CRM.

If CBE cannot find a match, it creates a new record, and then passes that information back to our partner, so that they can collect that organic inquiry and start communicating with them.

Capture partner Colorado State University-Pueblo is serving the form below to anonymous visitors to the scholarships page of its website.Prospective College Students

As of mid-August, the form had garnered:

  • Unique Impressions: 3,664
  • Forms Submitted: 252
  • Form Conversion Rate: 6.88%
  • Organic Forms Submitted: 147
  • Organic Conversion Rate: 58.33%

Fifty-eight percent of the forms that were submitted were truly organic leads, meaning that they were not a part of the partner’s search pool. This tells us that there is a whole other niche of interested prospective college students visiting our partners’ sites waiting to be influenced.

Also as of mid-July, out of the 252 visitors that submitted the form, 120 of them have submitted an application. Of the 120 that have applied, 52 have been admitted to the institution.

By Jackie Pratt, Senior Product Manager, Capture Higher Ed