Upcoming Webinar to Focus on College Transfer Audience

Upcoming Webinar to Focus on College Transfer Audience

It probably feels like a lifetime ago. September 2019. During its annual conference in Louisville, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) voted to eliminate some of its Code of Ethics and Professional Practices Principles regarding transfer recruitment and enrollment. Enrollment professionals everywhere knew that it would impact the college transfer market.

They imagined an environment that would be more competitive, even longer in duration, and potentially pose higher risk when it comes to retention of current upperclassmen. But what they could not have imagined was COVID-19 — and the sudden need to build and maintain all prospective audiences, the ever-elusive transfer market being among the most important.

For enrollment professionals, this means shifting language, shifting direction and shifting marketing when it comes to transfer prospects. Everything must adhere to the fact that other schools are operating differently now — both in the wake of NACAC 2019, and in the midst of an international pandemic that has disrupted so much.

This will be the focus of the upcoming, 30-minute Capture webinar, Build and Engage Your Growing Transfer Audience. The presentation Wednesday, April 29, at 1 p.m. will include 5 pro-tips to help institutions build and actively engage their growing transfer audiences. Hosted by Capture Director of Undergraduate Initiatives Jamie Gleason and Capture Senior Enrollment Solutions Consultant Anne Freihofer, the webinar will:

  • Include advice on building a late-cycle audience;
  • Discuss tools to use to track transfer behavior;
  • And recommendations on a few other items, as well.

Register here to tune into the webinar.

The Transfer Trilogy

The webinar will cover several of the issues and strategies outlined in the recent Capture feature, The Transfer Trilogy. Written and produced in the weeks before COVID-19, the three-part series takes a deep dive into the current university transfer market.

Transfer prospects are a moody and elusive bunch. They typically have a short list of questions that need to be answered … and answered quickly. Will my credits transfer? How much is this going to cost? How long will I be enrolled at your school? They’re typically not interested in the “marketing fluff” associated with traditional outreach to first-year students. These tendencies have only magnified in the glare of the current international crisis.

Transfers matter. When it comes to net tuition revenue and balancing the budget, transfers are more critical than ever to colleges and universities. And the margin of error is slim. You can download The Transfer Trilogy free here.

And be sure to sign up for Capture’s April 29 webinar Build and Engage Your Growing Transfer Audience.