Personalization Matters, Part 2: A Client and Expert Discuss Student Recruitment

In Part 2 of Capture Higher Ed’s new vlog series, Personalization Matters, we hear from a Capture Higher Ed client and a Capture digital advertising expert on personalized recruitment and marketing. In this first video, Chevy Freiburger, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Dean of Admission at Central College in Iowa, talks about personalizing email outreach, the importance of student testimonials, iterating campus events and the power of a handwritten note.

“A handwritten note that is spot on with who the student is, what they’re doing at the right time, will always win,” he says.

In the second video, we talk to Capture Senior Digital Media Strategist Tabitha Bower about targeting ads to non-traditional populations, reaching parents, the growing importance of virtual tours, and how younger students are finding new ways to communicate.

“Students are communicating on different platforms like TikTok, and Reddit, and using social media to communicate rather than in-person communication,” Bower says. “So there are new avenues to reach them while they are actively communicating with each other.”

Videos by Brandon Jones, Digital Media Manager, Capture Higher Ed