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Optimize Your Financial Aid at the Student Level

Maximize enrollments and safeguard your overall discount rate while optimizing financial aid offered at the individual level. AID is the only financial aid model in the industry that incorporates machine learning and the admitted-student data — such as deposit data, contextual neighborhood-level data, and behavioral data — to offer aid to the individual students with the most impact.

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WHY AID matters

Next-Level Financial Aid Models

AID allows you to optimize your financial aid spend, grow your class, improve retention, and free staff from complex predictions. It is the only financial aid model in the industry that optimizes aid at the individual-student level.

Optimize Your Aid Spend

Control the amount of discretionary financial aid to award each student.

Increase Your Class

Adjust financial aid spend and distributions to meet or exceed enrollment targets.

Calculate Tuition Revenue

 Know real-time revenue, aid, and discount amounts for admitted students.

Augment Your Staff

Benefit from the insight and expertise of Capture’s data science team.

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Real-Time, Risk-Free Predictions

AID allows for hypothetical adjustments to goal-focused data elements — in state, out of state, gender, program, etc. — letting the model generate real-time results in a risk-free environment. Through predictions accessed via an interactive dashboard, you can make immediate adjustments to individual student awards (by constant or varying amounts) to align enrollment predictions to the aid budget.

Interactive, User-Focused Results

The results calculated by AID are showcased in an interactive dashboard, allowing you to easily iterate, adjust, and download student and group-level probabilities and aid adjustments. The dashboard includes manual aid optimization, group predictions, an interactive map, model performance information, and more. It also lets you run a variety of scenarios, leveraging Capture’s proprietary algorithms.

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AID Historic Data

Real-World Accuracy

AID offers full funnel visibility using historic data including aid offers for all previously admitted students. The historical data is validated by our team of data scientists with a traffic light report assessing various dimensions of data quality. The dashboard provides full transparency into the model’s performance and accuracy.


Individual and Group-Level Predictions and Optimization

AID is unique because it provides award recommendations at the individual student level while also showing how those awards affect group-level enrollment and financial outcomes. Manual optimization enables you to increase or decrease the aid amounts based on different “what-if” scenarios, giving you the ability to target discretionary funds where it will have the most impact on enrollment for the least additional spend.

Goals and Targets
Best Practices screenshot

Best Practices for Using the Data

Predictive insights are most useful when paired with behavioral and actual human intelligence. AID provides predictions on every applicant with algorithmic adjustments of financial aid scenarios. Capture’s data scientists and account executives then provide best practices for using this data across your institution on an ongoing basis.

aid Outcomes

Increasing Yield and Net Tuition

In a time of decreasing yields and revenues, the median Capture client with an AID model saw a .9 percentage point yield increase in their first year and a 2.2 percent increase in net tuition revenue per student in the first year.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Success Stories with AID

Increasing Early Deposits with a Financial Aid Model – Illinois Wesleyan University

Developing and executing a financial aid strategy is never easy, but it has never been more important. Of the many, family-to-family variables that influence whether an admitted student will deposit, affordability is among the most important.

How to Increase Student Enrollment While Optimizing Financial Aid

One of Capture Higher Ed’s clients — a private, Catholic, liberal arts college in the Northeast — is on track this fall to increase student enrollment by 17 percent compared to before partnering with Capture two years ago.

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