Practical and Powerful Digital Strategies for Higher Ed

In the recent webinar, Banish the Buzzwords: Practical and Powerful Digital Strategies for Higher Ed, Capture Higher Ed experts in student recruitment, university advancement and communications came together to discuss how to use digital advertising across all departments of a university.

It was the first Capture webinar to span all three of the company’s higher education markets — undergrad enrollment, graduate recruitment and university advancement.

During the presentation, the four subject matter experts — Jamie Gleason, senior enrollment advisor; Jack Klett, director of graduate and online initiatives; Kevin Bauman, director of philanthropic initiatives; and Laura Hagan, senior communication specialist — talk about ways to reimagine traditional outreach methods using new forms of digital advertising to increase visitors to a university’s website.

In the new world of digital everything, Capture believes an institution’s website is its most powerful recruitment and solicitation channel. The presenters give details on how behavioral intelligence fuels digital advertising through personally identifying and influencing conversions to enrollments and gifts.

There are several kinds of digital strategies for higher ed today. The forms discussed during the webinar include:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Retargarting
  • Email Targeting
  • Household IP Targeting
  • Paid Social Prospecting
  • GEO IP Targeting
  • Dynamic Content

For admissions and advancement offices, it can be difficult to navigate and make the right selection when it comes to such advertising. And proving the impact of a digital spend can be even harder. That’s why this webinar is a must-watch for enrollment managers, advancement professionals and marketing leaders to help you get the best results from your digital ad budgets.