Building a Stronger Grad Funnel: Tactical Advice and Best Practices

The pressure to grow and sustain graduate enrollment is only getting higher as institutions diversify their educational portfolios to combat undergraduate enrollment declines. Questions we hear every day are: Where do I get more prospect names? How, when, and where do I communicate with them? And how can I make sure our efforts are working and cost-effective at the same time?

In this webinar, you will get tactical advice, learn best practices, and see real-world examples of what is working for Capture’s graduate clients. This includes how to:

  1. Identify prospective graduate students using a dynamic mix of channels
  2. Build inquiry and application pools by communicating through your digital streams
  3. Leverage your data to focus your counseling team, determine the true ROI of your digital strategies, and avoid budget-busting expenses.

Join Capture Higher Ed’s Senior Enrollment Strategist Christopher Harris, Ed.D., Capture Senior Enrollment Advisor Chase Davis, and a special client guest for this Capture Cast webinar.