Gaining Traction: Data-Driven Strategies for Engaging Transfer Students

In today’s evolving and competitive recruitment marketing landscape, attracting and enrolling transfer students is more critical than ever for colleges and universities. In this Capture Cast webinar, we will delve into data-driven marketing tactics tailored specifically for transfer student recruitment.

Transfer Students

Learn how to leverage insightful data and innovative strategies to increase inquiries, drive applications, and boost your transfer class!

In this Capture Cast webinar, you will:

  • Discover effective data utilization techniques to identify and target prospective transfer students, maximizing inquiry generation for your institution.
  • Explore innovative marketing tactics tailored for transfer student recruitment, from personalized messaging to targeted outreach campaigns, aimed at driving increased application rates.
  • Learn strategic enrollment management approaches to streamline the transfer student enrollment process, increasing conversion rates and boosting enrollments for your institution’s transfer class.

Join Capture Senior Enrollment Strategist Chris Harris as he hands over the keys to unlocking your institution’s transfer student recruitment potential and shows you how to gain traction in this vital prospective student market.