Four Digital Ad Strategies for Advancement

Institutions across the country are looking for ways to maintain donor counts while cutting costs. How much do you spend making a call or dropping a mailer? Delivering digital ads to the same alumni costs you pennies compared to expensive phone-a-thon setup and direct mail printing. 

Implementing digital ads can help you drive major, planned and annual giving. Why? Strategic digital ads reach alumni wherever they are online … regardless if you have an email address on file. The ads also dont get stuck in email spam filters and are a fraction of the cost of a phone call or direct mail.   

Tune in to learn the basics of where and when to use four digital ad strategies: 

  1. Re-Targeting
  2. Household IP
  3. Email Targeting
  4. Geo IP Targeting  

You bring knowledge of your current spend on existing solicitation channels. We’ll share why digital ads are entering solicitation calendars across the country as FY21 budgets realign. Register today!