Recruiting Sophomores, Juniors and Transfers Tips for Building Effective Digital Strategies

What does it take to effectively convert a high school sophomore or junior to a “hand-raising” inquiry? How do you effectively nurture with transfer students? And how much value should be placed on these audiences, especially in this wonky enrollment cycle?

In the last undergraduate webinar, Capture’s undergraduate subject matter expert, Jamie Gleason, provided three strategic insights for digitally nurturing seniors and influencers. Now, he is taking on sophomores, juniors and transfers!

In the webinar, “Recruiting Sophomores, Juniors and Transfers: Tips and Tricks for Building Effective Digital Strategies,” Jamie will be joined by Capture Creative Director Sara Ekart to discuss and explore effective strategies for building digital campaigns for these critical audiences. Learn some of Capture’s “tips and tricks” on how to use this valuable tool of digital advertising to identify, convert and enroll your future students.

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