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The State of Graduate Enrollment Management

Graduate Enrollment Management (GEM) continues to evolve and change as there is increasing adoption of the GEM model by institutions across the country. The integrated service model, which has been the foundation of modern undergraduate enrollment services, remains relatively new in graduate education. Yet, there has been a significant increase in professional education around GEM, as well as direct training of graduate enrollment professionals to adopt a GEM approach as part of the student lifecycle. It is clear the GEM is here to stay as more and more institutions across the country adopt the model of integrated service. So, what have been the impacts on graduate admissions teams, institutions and students? What can we learn in terms of best-practices? What is the current state of GEM, and how do we anticipate its evolution in the years to come?

Join Keith Ramsdell, President of NAGAP, the Association of Graduate Enrollment Management, and Jeremiah Nelson, NAGAP’s vice president, as they discuss GEM’s past, present and future.

Keith and Jeremiah will also provide some nuggets of GEM wisdom as key takeaways for graduate admissions/enrollment professionals.

Webinar Presenters

Jack Klett

Jack Klett
Senior Communications Specialist

Keith Ramsdell

Keith Ramsdell
Director of Graduate Enrollment
Assistant Dean of the Graduate College
Bowling Green State University

Jeremiah Nelson

Jeremiah Nelson
Director, Charlotte MBA
Enrollment Management
Wake Forest University School of Business