Setting the Table: How to Narrow Your Print Budget

Budget planning at a university is often complex. When you’re on the enrollment side, making the most out of resources has never been more critical. Resources are shrinking. Enrollment offices across the country are being asked to produce more students with less money. How do you do this? One important way is by narrowing your focus when it comes to developing your print budget.

In this Setting the Table video, Capture Director of Undergraduate Initiatives Jamie Gleason discusses how Capture client — Gannon University — used APPLY, an applicant model generated from Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform, to save thousands of dollars in viewbook production, packaging and mailing costs and use the savings to purchase additional names of students interested in specific academic programs. The efforts resulted in 500 more applications than the previous year. Simply put: Gannon used Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform to get more applicants for the same amount of money.

Proof Point: Fewer Viewbooks, More Applications