Social Media Strategy: 3 Ways Your University Can Use Reddit

Reddit is the big risk, big reward platform that has taken Generation Z by storm. What exactly is it? How can higher ed marketers use it in their social media strategy? Let’s take a look. 

We all know Gen Z highly values authenticity. Reddit, the fifth most-visited website in the U.S.(SEMRUSH), is a community and discussion forum where users can ask, answer and debate topics through focused communities called “subreddits.”  

Posts on Reddit do not use algorithms for visibility. Instead, comments and posts are curated by peers and users through “up” or “down” votes. The more “up” votes a post or comment has, the more it becomes visible to other users. 

Sixty percent of Gen Z users say topics trend on Reddit before they do elsewhere online. That means Reddit is where they often go to become socially informed by their peers and before everyone else. 

If you aren’t already using Reddit in your higher education social media strategy, here are three tips to help you get started. 

No. 1 – Push Out University Research 

Take advantage of the research and various studies your institution is already producing. This is a good way to showcase and draw attention to specific departments, programs and research endeavors within the university. Posting your university’s research on Reddit establishes your school as a leader when it comes to new information. This will draw in people who are already interested and increase engagement.  

No. 2 – Answer Questions People May Have 

Reddit users can easily spot when a company is trying to push an agenda. Try to be as helpful as possible. Students have lots of questions about the admissions process; it can be confusing. Whether you’re answering questions about deadlines, scholarships or admissions requirements, focus on solving problems and helping students. This maintains your “street cred” while at the same time building a reliable and authentic brand on the platform.  

No. 3 – Showcase Faculty  

A pillar of any university community is its wide-ranging faculty and staff, who often serve as brand champions of the university anyway. A cool way to showcase them is to publish their work on Reddit (with their permission of course). Do you have that one professor on campus that everyone loves and is featured in the school newspaper? Or do you have a faculty member who is highly involved in philanthropy, or trailblazing a unique class on campus? Any work that a faculty member does and is headline worthy should be shared! This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate aspects of your staff that make your university unique in an engaging and authentic way.  

It’s time to shake up your traditional ways of reaching prospective students. Times have changed, and Gen Z expects you to meet them where they are. In 2023, there on Reddit!   

Keep in mind that students expect a personalized and relevant exchange of information in an authentic, non-agenda driven way. Push out research that your university is already doing, be helpful, answer questions and help guide students in the college enrollment journey. And, lastly, showcase your brilliant staff and faculty.  

Every authentic interaction you have with a student can make a difference. Make them count!

By Sierra Case, Digital Marketing Specialist, Capture Higher Ed