Delivering the Industry’s Best Student Inquiries

Generating better student inquiries is a priority for colleges and universities across the country. Simply put: there’s a need for more suspects converting into qualified inquiries. By using behavioral intelligence and machine learning, Capture delivers the industry’s highest-qualified inquiries — Capture Inquiries.

ENGAGE, the marketing automation on Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP), gathers and delivers Capture Inquiries, based on website behavior, into client CRMs on a semi-automated or fully automated basis. Qualifying website behaviors include prospective students filling out progressive ID forms, completing web forms, clicking on emails and more — all of which contribute to high affinity scores.

Increase Application Volume by 20%

The inquiries delivered by BIP are some of the industry’s most preferred because they incorporate behavioral data; and the platform assists outreach prioritization with a machine learning algorithm. Each inquiry is associated with an affinity score based on behavioral data to further prioritize outreach. This robust scoring process is used on all inquiries for a campus, not just Capture Inquiries.

By providing inquiries from the right students that lead to higher yield, Capture’s platform and solutions have increased institutional application volume by 20% compared to applications from other identified visitors.

Capture Inquiries originate from three channels: organic, affinity and web.


Organic inquiries are identified website visitors collected from completing a Progressive Identification (PID) form. These inquiries are identified solely from the form and did not exist in the client’s CRM prior. Upon submission of the form submission, ENGAGE flags the visitors record. On average, 8% of visitors who are served a PID form complete it; 75% of submissions are brand new organic leads for the client.


Affinity inquiries are behaviorally identified site visitors in “suspect status” with an affinity index that is similar to those in “inquiry and above” pool who are behaving on your website. The affinity index threshold varies by school and over time so that it is always a reliable proxy for the equivalent of a traditional inquiry at the institution.


The newest category of Capture Inquiries, a web inquiry is, essentially, any identified website visitor that becomes identified from clicking on an email or completing a non-Capture web form.

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