Student Outreach

Communications Strategies Tailored to Your Institution.

Capture’s full service marketing materials are built with your institution’s needs, your brand and your prospects in mind. We create emails, banner ads, direct mail and more – sent on your behalf, with messaging tailored to your specific audience. When paired with CBE and Envision you will be reaching the right students at the moment it matters most in their decision journey.

Our team of advisors is great at helping you find what products work best to achieve your goals.

Email Marketing:

We create and send branded, personalized emails with targeted content to prospects segmented by their status. Their engagement (e.g. opens, click-throughs, etc.) triggers a custom communication flow to maximize conversions.

Sweet Briar Email

Direct Mail:

We use Smart Direct Mail as part of an integrated approach to increase brand awareness and encourage responses and conversions. Full-service design, production and mailing services are included.

Landing Pages:

Our landing pages provide prospects with the information most relevant to them and typically include a specific call to action like a short web form. These responsive sites are designed to match the look and feel of your university’s brand.

Dominican Landing page
UTK Banners

Digital Display Advertising:

Capture’s Digital Display Targeting services use a multi-channel approach to deliver customized display ads to prospects. We tailor the content and creative of each ad for your specific audience segments. These display ads promote brand awareness, engagement, conversions and the effectiveness of all your other marketing campaigns. Our Digital Display Targeting suite of products provides a complementary approach to online advertising using the most innovative technologies available.

Data Products

Recruitment Intelligence Survey (CRI):

Pre-Recruitment Survey

Survey prospects in your inquiry pools to understand how they perceive your brand. Use these insights to measure the strength of your brand and create messaging that resonates with prospects.

Yield Survey

Target your senior admitted students and receive data in near real time. Improve yield by learning what admitted students are searching for and address their specific needs with actionable intelligence.

Search Consulting:

Capture’s Search Consulting services provide data analysis, search strategy, and continuing recommendations for purchasing names from selection service agencies. We base our services on your specific enrollment objectives and use an iterative, data-driven approach to produce the most qualified, mission-fit® prospects.