Accurate Enrollment Predictions Make For Smarter Decisions

Last year, Capture Higher Ed released higher education’s first ensemble predictive model — Envision. Unique to the enrollment management industry, the higher education predictive model engine combines machine-learning algorithms to build ensemble predictive models for application, enrollment and financial aid.

Unlike other higher education predictive models used for enrollment management — those built on historical data and not easily iterated upon — Envision can continuously look for patterns and make more accurate predictions every time new data is available. In the first year of use, predictions for our partner schools were 98 percent accurate.

More accurate predictions lead to smarter decisions. Smarter decisions directly affect whether a school makes its class.

higher education predictive model

Now that we’ve built this cool thing, we’re pretty keen to show it off. That’s why we created the Envision Challenge, an opportunity for you to see how Capture uses machine-learning algorithms, multiple types of data, automatic feature selections, and dynamic scoring to give you the most accurate enrollment predictions.

With no risk or obligation, a free Envision Challenge takes only 3-5 weeks and involves these four steps.

#1 Exchange Data
In the first step, we will need three years of your enrollment pipeline data. To ensure the security and privacy of your data, we will sign a data security agreement. All data is exchanged via a secure sFTP site. The dataset should be identical to the one provided to your current model vendor.

#2 TrafficLight Report
In this step, we will use TrafficLight to do an in-depth analysis on the six dimensions of data quality and actionable steps to enhance model performance. If TrafficLight identifies data issues, we will work with you to resolve them prior to using Envision.

#3 Model Presentation
In this step, we will demonstrate an interactive dashboard showing a summary of the model-run accuracy statistics, an analysis of how they compare vs. your existing vendor and a sample of student level results.

#4 Proposal Development
Envision is the ideal companion to a range of cutting-edge enrollment solutions that Capture offers. In this step, we’ll tailor these solutions to fit your needs.

Click below take the Envision Challenge. The process will help you learn a lot about the possibilities of a different kind of predictive engine.

Envision Challenge

Also, when you:

  • Take the Envision Challenge vs. your current model provider
  • Share your provider’s comparable results
  • And sign up for any Envision subscription within the following 60 days

Capture will give you a 25 percent discount on the first-year subscription cost.