Capture’s Top Graduate and Professional Studies Blogs of 2018

Capture Higher Ed experts examined, reported and blogged about the issues and challenges surrounding graduate and professional enrollment with increased vigor in 2018. They discussed everything from the profound changes brought by the PROSPER Act to making graduate recruitment practices more high tech.

According to Google Analytics, the following were the top graduate and professional studies blogs from last year.

  • Gender Marketing: How Men and Women Receive Messages Differently – In her book, Gender, Design and Marketing: How Gender Drives our Perception of Design and Marketing, Gloria Moss offers some critical information on how differences in gender affect how companies reach out to potential customers.
  • When X = College Admissions: AI and the Inevitable – The AI in college admissions can be entirely responsive: Do you need information about financial aid? Then you’ll receive an email within minutes with all the help you need. Or a text. Or a personalized postcard to come meet with financial aid personnel. The use of AI in college admissions is inevitable. It’s only a question of who gets on board at the outset.
  • CaptureNOTES: The PROSPER Act Changes Everything – Though the PROSPER Act includes items such as free speech initiatives, a mobile friendly FAFSA website and a College Dashboard Website, the major public scrutiny lies in the large-scale shifts to the Federal Student Aid (FSA) program.
  • Make Your Graduate Recruitment Practices More High Tech – More and more experts are recommending that grad schools implement strategies found in undergraduate admission offices and the business world to update and reform outmoded and ineffective graduate recruitment practices and marketing approaches. What does this mean? Technology, technology and … yeah, technology.
  • Marketing to Grad Students in a Simplified, More Effective Way – College student recruitment is changing at an unprecedented rate. To keep up with how business is conducted in the modern world, universities across the country are embracing and using marketing automation to recruit their next crop of students — this includes marketing to grad students.
  • Supporting Your Recruitment Strategy with Digital Tools – Is it sometimes difficult to imagine how dynamic content — toasters, popovers, image swaps and web retargeting — might be used to promote your graduate recruitment strategy? Every day, Capture Higher Ed’s partners are deploying the power of marketing automation in creative, purposeful ways that are specific to their recruitment strategy needs.
  • Craft a Marketing Campaign to Boost Your Online Enrollments – Most of the students interested in online programs and courses are interested in them in relation to career. The way these prospective students learn about the colleges should come as no surprise: online research.
  • Segments of One: How to Market to Generation Z – Your prospective students in 2018 grew up and came of age with the tailored analytics of online streaming services, like Netflix, and retailers, like Amazon. That means these young people expect to be treated like individuals.
  • How to Increase Awareness Through Paid Social Prospecting – A Capture Higher Ed partner in the Southeast recently wanted to increase awareness, inquiries and enrollments by highlighting its online and degree-completion programs. Through a Paid Social Prospecting (PSP) campaign, the private university ran ads on Facebook and Instagram for 42 days to a custom-built audience in different areas of Florida.
  • Boosting Graduate Enrollment with Marketing Automation – The Arizona State University Graduate College recently released “Best Practices for Successful Graduate Student Recruitment,” a study that focused on three broad stages of recruiting graduate students. These included: 1) Program visibility and student identification; 2) Prospective and application stages; and 3) Admission and enrollment stages.