How To Seize the Day (of Giving) — Six Strategies

How To Seize the Day (of Giving) — Six Strategies

The annual Day of Giving can be an exciting time in the development office. Facebook Live interviews, student events, alumni receptions … the list goes on. Success, however, can depend heavily on alumni engagement strategies developed days, weeks and even months before and after the event.

Here are six things to remember as you prepare for your institution’s Day of Giving.

  1. Answer the Question
    The question: Why today? Do you have challenges set up specific to their interests? Have you secured a matching gift to double their gift that day? Is the soccer team going to call soccer alumni? Are they registered to win a halftime shot at the basketball game? Why should I take action today?
  2. Be Everywhere
    Integrate social media and marketing automation strategies. Use marketing automation to deliver onscreen messaging to website visitors to save the date (while answering the question!) or sign up to participate. Use banner ads and retargeting to further the message with non-donors. The clock is ticking … make the most of the day.
  3. Empower Alumni
    More than just existing major gift relationships, you have alumni who would love to tell their stories. Empower those with high affinity for your institution to share their “Why I Give” story. Compelling stories come from all walks of life. Marketing automation tracks alumni behaviors year round to identify your most engaged alumni for this exact task.
  4. Seize the Day
    Use a new set of creative content to push banner ads and marketing automation on the big day. Capture Higher Ed implements real-time, on-screen prompts to direct traffic towards the day of giving site from across your website. Coupled with banner ads that retarget from across the internet, the strategy offers the best way to let every digital visitor know … today is the day!
  5. Follow Up
    Be prompt sending follow up to those visitors who came to your Day of Giving page but did not give. A simple list pulled from your marketing automation — and a timely message that “it’s not too late!” — can make the most of the opportunity.
  6. Say Thank You
    Use your marketing channels to tell the success story. Fun aside; ever wonder how you could write 5,000 handwritten thank you cards in a day?

We all know that a successful Day of Giving requires months of preparation. A game-changing marketing automation tool doesn’t hurt either.

By Kevin Bauman, Director of Philanthropic Initiatives, Capture Higher Ed