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Prioritize Your Development Team’s Time, Energy and Resources

Prioritize Your Development Team’s Time, Energy and Resources

Why do discovery calls get a bad rap? Who doesn’t like calling wealthy strangers to ask if they are still connected to the institution?

The old way of blindly calling high capacity alumni, asking about their chess club membership 30 years ago gives gift officers nightmares. There is now a better way.

How many alumni do you have rated at major or leadership annual giving levels? Likely, you have more than your gift staff could reach out to in five years. The trick is finding which of these alumni have affinity, what their affinity is, how much affinity they have and when is the right time to engage.

With Capture’s CBE marketing automation, we’ve tracked more than 24 million visitors to university websites. In just a few days, the same technology can track high capacity alumni reading articles in the your e-newsletters, researching athletics schedules, registering for alumni events, researching “xyz” center or several other activities in your digital environment.

So what? The next morning, your team receives a report of all high-capacity alumni activities. Where we used to call at a random time and ask about the chess club 30 years ago, we now reach out to invite the alumnus to the upcoming event at the entrepreneurship center/basketball game/Phoenix alumni mixer or dinner with the Dean — based on their self-identified individual interests.

An example: Imagine CBE identified two prospective donors, both with the name Sam — Sam A and Sam B. While Sam A recently attended an alumni event, he has not been back to your website in more than three months. On the other hand, Sam B, who has not attended an event, has been on your website searching various giving programs nearly 50 times in the past month.

With CBE, it’s clear that Sam B should be the focus of your team’s energy and time. Imagine what you could do with this knowledge on a day-to-day basis. How much time are you spending calling Sam A while Sam B is cultivated by another nonprofit?

Learn more about how Capture Behavioral Engagement can automate, streamline and ultimately revitalize your marketing and fundraising efforts by allowing you to communicate with alumni and donors when it matters most.

By Kevin Bauman, Director of Philanthropic Initiatives, Capture Higher Ed