Calling the Winning Plays for University Fundraising

While marketing automation has proven to be successful and influential in the corporate world, its potential for university advancement is only now coming into focus. Capture Higher Ed brings this influential technology to university fundraising with Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE), its game-changing software that is specifically designed to help development professionals achieve their goals.

How can your team implement the technology? You can’t know the plays without a university fundraising playbook. That’s why Capture has the Advancement CBE Playbook, showing you all the right moves for automating, streamlining and enhancing your development efforts.

The playbook includes sections on:

Identifying Lost Alumni
The Play: Serve anonymous visitors who visit two or more advancement-tagged pages identification forms to get lost alumni and friends back into your advancement database.

Supporting Endowed and Current-Use Scholarships
The Play: Display custom content that matches both the interest of the prospective donor and the goals of the institution.

Supporting Capital Campaigns
Renovating the music hall? The Play: Serve content to visitors on music web pages. Content can also be served based on campaign related data points (i.e. music grads) regardless of where they land across the institution’s website.

Alerting Gift Officers of Portfolio Activity
The Play: Immediately alert a gift officer, director or vice president of activity within their donor portfolio. Immediate alerts can be used for principal-level relationships as well as time-sensitive signals.

Promoting Time-Sensitive Initiatives and Events
Trying to drive end-of-year results? Raising awareness of your Day of Giving? Driving attendance at chapter events? The Plays: Toasters can be used as informative reminders to “save the date” or remind donors of an important date. When the day comes, use pop-overs as a more forthcoming tool to make it easy for donors to engage your messaging. And onsider geo-targeting for regional events!

Increasing Affinity to Increase Participation
The Play: Make it easy for visitors to find timely brag points. Showcase institutional rankings this week … and a successful student team next month. Future visitors may include follow-up messaging built off affinity messaging.

From dynamic lists to matching gifts … from triggered emails to layered campaigns … the Advancement CBE Playbook provides the X’s and O’s for using CBE most effectively.

Download your playbook today.