University of the Cumberlands Cuts Tuition by Almost 60 Percent

In a time of seemingly soaring tuition, one Kentucky college is actually cutting tuition — and they just happen to be a partner of Capture Higher Ed. Earlier this year, the University of the Cumberlands announced it is cutting its undergraduate tuition by an astounding 57 percent. That will drop tuition from $23,000 a year to only $9,875. And it all starts next fall.

And even with room and board, the price still drops more than $12,000. With that, Williamsburg, Ky. looks a whole lot more desirable.

As WDRB reported, most of Kentucky’s public colleges and universities have been raising tuitions, and state budget cuts have only exasperated the problem.

“After crunching the numbers,” said University of the Cumberlands President Larry Cockrum, “we saw we could do this.” He expects the tuition cut to have little impact on the school’s budget.

In addition — as if that isn’t already good news enough — the college president promised that tuition would not be raised for four years.

Part of the reason may simply be the numbers: officials noted that enrollment has risen to more than 12,000 students from only 9,200 a year ago. Almost 3,000 new students in only a year? The college also plans to add an extra 300 students per year — and to retain 70 percent of its undergraduate students for five years.

What does this have to do with Capture? Enrollment management, of course. For us, this is a matter of thinking smarter about reaching out to prospective students via Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) and our Envision predictive engine. Seeing how numbers can rise so dramatically in only a year with our help, it’s worth your time to contact us to learn more about what CBE can do for your school.

By Sean Hill, Senior Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed