Weightlist Episode 12 – Following the College Access Money with Ozan Jaquette

For universities, there exists a tension in the space between living an institutional mission and funding that mission. Ozan Jaquette is an Assistant Professor at the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies and is fascinated by the often curious organizational behavior of colleges and universities as they attempt to balance revenue generation, prestige accumulation, and the public trust. Professor Jaquette is an emerging voice in higher education, committed to holding universities accountable to “walk the walk” on funding college access. On this episode of The Weightlist, Thom and Brad discuss the tradeoffs universities sometimes make in broadening access to higher education including the recruitment of high income or out-of-state students to “pay” for higher need and in-state students. What role could open data play in studying how university recruitment practices influence low-income college enrollment in the United States? Grab a barstool and come on in for beer and enrollment data talk but fair warning, this episode pulls no punches.

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