Why Your Website Is Your Most Underused Solicitation Channel

For the recent webinar, By The Numbers: Why Your Website is Your Most Underutilized Solicitation Channel, Capture Higher Ed Director of Philanthropic Initiatives Kevin Bauman dives into the data behind alumni website activity.

“ ’By the Numbers’ will be presented, as you might expect, by the numbers,” Bauman says during the introduction. “You will be privy to a lot of information about what percentage of alumni visit your website, how often they visit, when they visit, how do we capitalize on those visits and how you can use your website in ways that you haven’t before.”

The two key data points Bauman discusses are:

  • 20% of alumni are active on your website.
  • One in three donors is active on your website — averaging nine visits a year.

For advancement offices across the country that are concerned about cutting back on traditional solicitation channels — old standbys that are not getting ROI they once did — the above stats should offer some solace, says Bauman.

You’ve trained alumni to visit your website,” he says. “Want to read an article? Visit the website. Check sports scores? Visit the website. Alumni now choose a digital relationship with your institution — making the website your most underutilized solicitation channel.”

In the webinar, Bauman, along with Capture Senior Director of Market Management Amanda Scott, talk about how colleges and universities can engage alumni visiting online, turning their websites into engaging solicitation channels through on-screen messaging. They also discuss how institutions can target alumni communications based on the interests of the individual alumnus.

“We want to talk about how you can improve your website so that you can reach not only your annual fund donors but your major and planned giving donors as well,” Scott says.

Ready dig into the data and learn how to make the most of your website? Tune into By The Numbers: Why Your Website is Your Most Underutilized Solicitation Channel.