Your Alumni are Online for the Holidays

Giving Tuesday has come and gone, a day when donors hopefully have their credit card security codes memorized after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But what about Wednesday to Dec. 31? Studies show alumni — like everyone — head online in December in record numbers. Nonprofits across the country can use this opportunity to solicit your alumni on Facebook, Amazon, Google, LinkedIn and other digital sites.

Here’s why…

  1. It is well documented that a large percentage of donors and dollars come between October and December.
  2. As we write this, Cyber Monday results have not come in but it is safe to say they will be a record. Black Friday results have already shown almost a 25% increase in online shopping from last year, and that is not by chance.
  3.  According to Marketwatch, online shopping is expected to increase 33% this year.
  4. It has also been documented for years that social media usage spikes in December.

Sharing pictures, shopping for others (or yourself!), building Amazon wishlists or checking sports scores (yes … college football and basketball currently overlap!) have alumni online and using social media in record numbers.

There is the opportunity. Products like Digital Display Targeting allow institutions to deliver calendar-year-end appeals where, when and how donors shop, browse and buy across the internet. Delivering the right message to the right alumnus at calendar year end can be the difference between an alum giving to the institution, not giving or developing a relationship with another nonprofit that is delivering an engaging message.

With calendar year end driving such a significant portion of gifts and donors online in record numbers, it has never been more critical to have an informed digital plan for modern fundraising success. The data shows someone is successfully soliciting your alumni at calendar year end … we hope it is you!

By Kevin Bauman, Director of Philanthropic Initiatives, Capture Higher Ed