Capture’s Behavioral Emails Lead the Industry in Click-to-Open Rates

During a time when enrollment offices are sending more emails than ever, Capture Higher Ed’s behavioral emails are being delivered and clicked into at industry-leading rates. 

Capture’s Behavioral Email Series boast a nearly perfect 99.7% deliverability rate and an astounding 35% click-to-open rate — nearly double the industry benchmark of 17% (2019) and 19% (2020), according to Campaign Monitor. That means Capture’s engaging emails are reaching prospective students (and their parents) who are interested enough to learn more and often go on to visit the school’s website. 

By these industry standards, Capture’s Behavioral Email Series are more effective than any other emailing practice in the higher ed space. But that shouldn’t be surprising. The key word is behavioral. Capture clients send tailored, interest-based content to those who are interested, when they’re interested.   

Capture’s Behavioral Email Series 

With relevance never more critical and resources more limited, the challenge for colleges and universities is to automate email communication flows while also ensuring that messaging is timely and engaging for prospective students.  

That’s why Capture introduced its Behavioral Email Series, a dynamic, personalized approach to sending emails that improves deliverability while maintaining healthy sender reputations with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). 

Unique to the enrollment management industry, Capture’s Behavioral Email Series provide more focused messaging to the prospective students who are interested in an institution while saving recruiters time and resources. The email solution also offers timely analytics of these engaged prospects’ behaviors through a daily dashboard in Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform. 

Email Still Important 

Prospective students and their parents do not respond to traditional batch-and-blast email marketing. In the past, email results may have consisted of inflated send counts because some prospects simply would never unsubscribe. They also would not respond. Email results also would have inflated click rates as a result of not filtering out bot clicks. 

This constant send cycle needs to end because it poses a risk to future deliverability of emails to prospective students. With less engagement due to prospects stuck in this loop, ISPs can flag senders as potential spam or junk. 

This is a problem because email is still important. According to a recent study by NAPCO Research: 

  • 65% of Gen Z indicate email is their preferred method to receive communications. 
  • 60% of Gen Z feel that email communications are more personalized than other channels. 
  • 58% of Gen Z students check their email more than once a day. 

Personalization, relevance and timing is the key … and that’s why Capture’s behavioral emails have such high click-to-open rates. 

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By Farzad Novin, Vice President of Marketing, Capture Higher Ed