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Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform for Higher Education, Capture Higher Ed

One platform, managed by experts, supporting the entire enrollment decision journey.

Automated, personalized and timely engagement with prospect identification.
Application predictions that integrate machine learning and marketing automation.
Financial aid modeling that optimizes aid budgets and generates savings.
Enrollment predictions powered by machine learning that help decrease melt and increase yield.
Your dedicated Strategic Services team consists of former higher education leaders who served in a variety of roles from enrollment executives to data scientists. This extension of your team, led by the Account Executive, works with you and your team to define and meet your goals.

Why does Capture exist?

Capture solves one of the most important enrollment challenges today — making genuine, lasting connections between prospective students and higher education institutions. The need to create personalized and relevant engagement in a virtual world has never been more immediate. Capture believes every interaction needs to be relevant, personalized, data-driven and measured.

That’s why our enrollment and data experts use the Behavioral Intelligence Platform — with products and solutions that integrate into campus systems, helping institutions achieve their enrollment goals.

Capture also provides solutions for …

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Sharing the Risk, Sharing the Journey

As colleges and universities grapple with disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Capture is redoubling its commitment to higher ed recruiting by introducing a new outcomes-based pricing model. The model allows select universities to partner with Capture to support their marketing and recruitment efforts through a pricing model that balances risk and rewards performance.

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Outcomes Based Pricing

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