Marketing Solutions and Expert Services powered by the industry’s only Behavioral Intelligence Platform.

Identify, Convert and Enroll by Making Every Interaction Count.

Automated, personalized and timely engagement with prospect identification.
Application predictions that integrate machine learning and marketing automation.
Financial aid modeling that optimizes aid budgets and generates savings.
Enrollment predictions powered by machine learning that help decrease melt and increase yield.
Your dedicated Strategic Services team consists of former higher education leaders who served in a variety of roles from enrollment executives to data scientists. This extension of your team, led by the Account Executive, works with you and your team to define and meet your goals.

Why Does Capture Exist?

We help higher education institutions’ enrollment and advancement organizations make personalized, data-driven, timely and measured connections with prospective students and donors. We do this through best-in-class marketing solutions, delivered by a team of higher education experts and informed by the industry’s only Behavioral Intelligence Platform.

Capture also provides solutions for

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Together with Behavioral Intelligence we open the door for students.

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Behavioral Intelligence is Revolutionizing Graduate and Non-Traditional Student Recruitment.


Marketing automation eliminates blind discovery and identifies alumni actively considering a gift.


We succeed. When you succeed.

Through the Outcomes-Based Pricing model, Capture supports the marketing and recruitment efforts of select universities through a mechanism in which the institution pays for the results delivered, while receiving a comprehensive offering that includes a team of enrollment experts.

Learn more about Capture’s new Outcomes-Based Pricing model by downloading this FAQ overview.

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Outcomes Based Pricing

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