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Traditional batch-and-blast email marketing is not seeing the results it used to. Delivery, open, and click rates have declined. That’s why Capture takes a different approach. Our Behavioral Email Series, Slate Email Marketing, Ad Hoc Emails, Triggered Emails, and Email Analytics have set a new standard for how email marketing can be used for student recruitment.

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Manage Your Email Marketing Campaigns in Real Time.

Track each of your email campaigns performances and prospective student’s decision journey by viewing open rate, click-thru rates, identification, applications, deposits and much more. Additionally, evaluate all of your messaging and email campaigns’ effectiveness on the campaigns dashboard. Capture’s on-demand, real-time, email campaign analytics are available 24-7.

Promote Events and Reengage Non-Responders.

Capture offers both one-off ad hoc emails, usually promoting an event like Open House or Visit Days registration, and ad hoc email series, often a reengagement series for non-responders. For example, 30 days after a prospective student has not engaged with your behavioral emails or digital assets, a series of three emails can be scheduled to get them engaged again. 

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Automate Specific Emails Based on Student Behavior.

Triggered emails are behavior-based, one-off emails that are sent automatically based on a visitor’s action on and interaction with your website and other digital assets. For example, if a senior non-applicant visits more than two Admissions pages, you could send them a triggered email with more information on the admissions process and ask them to apply. Capture also sends out “conversion triggered emails” to those who complete Progressive Identification forms, thanking them for completing these forms and providing more relevant information.

Behavioral email series

Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time. Every Time.

Capture’s Behavioral Email Series (BES) boasts an astounding 35% click-to-open rate — nearly double the industry benchmark. Emails sent through BES resonate in measurable ways, allowing you to send content to interested prospective students when they are interested. Recipient behaviors inform email marketing pathways and messaging. Connected to Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform, BES features daily dashboard analytics, a 99.7% deliverability rate, and a healthy reputation among ISPs.

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Retain, Develop, and Add Email Campaigns to Your Slate CRM.

Capture creates email templates and content that can be loaded easily into your Slate CRM with a user-friendly approval interface and integrated reporting. Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP) allows you to collaborate with your dedicated Capture experts on edits and approvals … and Slate email campaign results appear alongside all your other campaign reporting in the BIP dashboards.

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