Beating the Law of Diminishing Returns in Higher Ed Recruitment

Still grappling with the lingering effects of a worldwide pandemic while looking straight up at the face of a daunting demographic cliff, higher education enrollment is dealing with major challenges. It doesn’t help that some experts feel the $15 billion college recruitment market is unsustainable and experiencing what economists call, the “Law of Diminishing Returns.”

dimin’ishing returns’, n. 1. any rate of profit, production, benefits, etc. that beyond a certain point fails to increase proportionately with added investment, effort, or skill. [Webster’s College Dictionary]

Since 2011, both two-year and four-year non-profit institutions have increased overall advertising budgets by nearly 50 percent. This increase has coincided with a nearly 17 percent drop in traditional college enrollment. These returns illustrate how the concept of “spend more money and get more students” is outdated, out-of-touch and clearly ineffective.

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Video by Brandon Jones, Capture Higher Ed