A Capture Checklist: Focusing Your Transfer Enrollment Strategy

Transfer students can be knowledgeable consumers of college — more knowledgeable than first-time freshmen. This isn’t their first rodeo. They may not want to be talked to like a student who has never been to college before. Universities must apply a transfer enrollment strategy that reaches out to them in a measured way … and provides value.

Transfer students often want to know:   

  1. Will my credits transfer to your institution?
  2. How much will it cost to attend?
  3. How long will I be enrolled at your institution?

If you are in the trenches recruiting transfer students, it’s time to shift your language, shift your direction and shift your marketing. Use this Capture Checklist to gauge your readiness and adaptability when it comes to the transfer market. This checklist will help you and your team assess your current efforts and determine where your transfer strategy should be focused.

Transfer Checklist

  • Audit your transfer enrollment performance and make a proactive transfer goal (not one based on incremental growth of the number of transfers enrolled last year).
  • Assess your prospective students’ college options and determine your unique and competitive value propositions.
  • Determine what is limiting your transfer growth. Brand recognition? Staffing and bandwidth?
  • Track non-matriculants with National Student Clearinghouse data to identify those who enrolled at community colleges or institutions in your competitor set.
  • Create and push a transfer communication flow from your CRM or marketing automation platform.
  • Monitor expanding academic or athletic programs to determine how they may appeal to prospective transfer students.
  • Make and maximize articulation agreements with community colleges in your area.

Your Transfer Answer

Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform and marketing solutions will kick your transfer enrollment efforts into high gear. Capture will help you:

Any good to-do or checklist should stay in your line of sight. Need a designed copy of this Capture Checklist for referencing or sharing with colleagues?