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Tailor Student Experiences

ENGAGE Dynamic Content tailors student experiences by delivering automated, personalized, 1:1 messaging automatically — when students want it — without additional resources from your team.

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Progressive Identification Form

Identify prospective students on your site

These interactive and dynamic forms collect pertinent information and can be served as a popover or an embedded piece of content on your site – and interactions are tracked on the student’s profile.


Target with a specific call to action

Toasters target a precise group of people, or a larger populace with effective calls to action such as applying for admission, signing up for an open house, or any other action.

Target with dynamic displays

A Popover dynamically displays over a webpage and can be a graphic, form, short piece of content or media, such as a video to trigger an action or to simply deliver a message.
The Capture Difference

Identify Students with Dynamic Content

For the 2021 class we identified more than 8000 students per client school on average. This was enough interested and engaged students for our client schools to fill their classes 7 times on average. ​

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For the average Capture school, the applicants that were identified through a progressive identification form deposited at 14 times the rates of the general application pool.

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