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Insight to Guide Your Efforts

ENGAGE Behavioral Data provides your web traffic trends and analysis as well as a detailed profile of all your prospective students, including an Engagement Score (CES) and an Affinity Index (CAI). Additionally, ENGAGE guides your recruitment efforts through Daily Visitor Reports and Counselor Alerts. 

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Behavioral Data

Prospective Student Profile

Understand and analyze all your prospective students browsing history, and engagement with your digital assets at every stage of the enrollment process to personalize your outreach based on their behavior and interests.

Behavioral Data

Capture Engagement Score (CES)

Engagement score enables you to communicate when the visitor is most engaged with your website and other digital assets by calculating one’s level of interest over a 7-day period.
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Behavioral Data

Capture Affinity Index (CAI)

Affinity Index provides a real-time score based on a prospect’s cumulative engagement level with your website and other digital assets since the moment of identification.
Behavioral Data

Daily Visitor Report (DVR)

The Daily Visitor Report (DVR) provides a comprehensive summary of all your website activity, and the students who are most active over the past 24 hours and past 30 days.
Behavioral Data

Counselor Alerts

Counselor Alerts provide instant notification to your team when identified visitors are on your website to assist students in the next steps of the recruitment process.

Jeff Hill, Director of Outreach
at DigiPen

Jeff Hill, Director of Outreach at DigiPen Institute of Technology sat down with Capture to talk about how we helped DigiPen’s recruitment staff target the right prospects who were most engaged in their school at the right time.

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Identify prospective students, connect with relevance, reduce your marketing spend per student with results.

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Students identified on your website are 24 times more likely to apply than the rest of the prospect pool – ENGAGE is built to help identify these students.

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