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A new era in student search is upon us. In today’s marketing and recruitment environment, your search requires a more selective, diversified, and creative approach that lets you invest in the qualified, mission-fit prospective students who are most likely to engage.

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Delivering Engaged, Qualified, Right-Fit Prospects 

Capture’s enrollment experts and data scientists examine historical performance, current market trends, and your strategic needs while leveraging machine learning technology to design the profile of your prospective student. 


A Sophisticated Strategy for Meeting Your Enrollment Goals

Capture’s comprehensive search strategy includes a multi-year data assessment, market segmentation that appends over 150 variables, and name sourcing from Encoura/ACT, the College Board, and other entities.

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Pinpointing Your Successful Markets with Predictive Models

Capture’s Predictive Models use hundreds of historical, demographic and behavioral data points to optimize your search and help you shape your class! Managed by a data science team and powered by machine learning, our predictive models pinpoint students who are most likely to apply to your institution.  

Incorporating Predictions at the ZIP Code Level

SearchR, Capture’s proprietary search software, forecasts the likelihood of students from a specific ZIP code applying to your school, identifying clusters of students who match specific search criteria.   

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Experts Who Know the Inner Workings of Student Search

Capture’s higher education experts work with your team to understand the actual and aspirational markets and segments that need to be targeted, and overlay 3-5 years of historic enrollment data to create a search strategy that meets your enrollment goals.

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