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The old search game has changed! Recommendations that are based on your specific enrollment goals and use an iterative, data-driven approach, produce the most qualified, mission-fit prospects.

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Search Based on Your Enrollment Objectives, Data Analysis, and Continuous Recommendations. 

Capture’s enrollment experts and data scientists examine historical performance, current market trends, and your strategic needs while leveraging machine learning technology to design the profile of your prospective student. Names are purchased from all relevant sources including the College Board, ACT, and NRCCUA.

Modeling methodology

Pinpoint Your Most Successful Markets with a Search Predictive Model.

Capture’s Search Predictive Model uses historical applicant features including (but not limited to) distance from campus, home state, and geographic information applied on the zip code level. More than 1,000 other features about the prospective students go into the predictive model. The model also can be used to optimize your search budget, conduct “look-a like market” searches for new market development, and shape your class.  

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