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ENGAGE + Conduit by PlatformQ Education

Harness the power of Conduit, an interactive platform that empowers you to run large-scale online events, live chats, and host curated, on-demand video content, with ENGAGE’s behavioral intelligence and machine learning.

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Audience Identification

Connect all the virtual dots

Link students’ participation in virtual events, engagement in live chats, and viewing of on-demand videos on Conduit with their past engagements including anonymous website visits.
Informative Analytics

Key metrics on virtual engagements

Engagement with content on Conduit is automatically logged in ENGAGE, enabling you to incorporate event outcomes into key metrics such as Engagement Score and Affinity Index.
Maximize Enrollment

Align marketing automation with virtual engagement

Enroll More: Case Studies Combining Behavioral Intelligence and Continuous Content. Offered examples of how universities successfully enrolled more students using Engage and Conduit in concert with each other.

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For the 2021 class, Capture helped its partner institutions identify an average of 8,000 prospective students – enough interested and engaged students for the schools to fill their classes 7 times on average.

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