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Capture’s platform and solutions are part of a managed service, so our professionals will augment your team. Your dedicated Capture Account Executive is a formerly seated enrollment management leader who aligns a team of seasoned colleagues with your objectives – your Capture team creates, executes, and analyzes in lockstep with your team. 

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Collaborators, Coordinators, Communicators and Creatives… All Working for You.

Your dedicated team of Capture experts consists of former higher education leaders who served in a variety of roles from enrollment directors to data scientists.

Project Managers & Account Executives

With direct experience in enrollment management, Capture’s Account Executives build strategic plans to achieve your enrollment goals while Project Managers work directly with them to execute them.

Digital Advertising Specialists

Capture’s Digital Ad Specialists are not only experts on various digital ad platforms, but more importantly are BIP ENGAGE gurus, making your ads significantly more effective.

Content Creators & Creative Designers

Capture’s creative team members are masters of the written word and design trends in higher ed. They’ve worked with dozens of institutions and know what resonates the most with your students.

Data Scientists & Analysts

Capture’s data scientists ensure that your systems are seamlessly connected, and your predictive models are uniquely designed around your historic data and future objectives.

Achieving Goals

Service Throughout

Your team of Capture experts help you make personalized, data-driven, timely, and measured connections with prospects through best-in-class marketing solutions that are informed by the industry’s only Behavioral Intelligence Platform.

Set Strategy

We collaborate with you on a plan.


We work with you to make it happen.

Iterate and Improvise

We correct course and enhance along the way.

Celebrate Success

We succeed when you succeed.

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The 1-2-3 of Machine Learning to Power Your Predictive Models

Enrollment professionals have been using predictive modeling since the early 1990’s. Today, recent advances have allowed machine learning to take predictive modeling to the next level.

Strategies for Meaningful Counselor Outreach at the Inquiry Level

Timelines are shifting as much as the demographics in today’s college enrollment market. It has never been more important for counselors and student ambassadors to focus on what they can be doing now to influence what happens next fall.

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