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Target and retarget prospective students through digital ads, behavioral emails, and direct mail supported by an iterative and data-driven Search strategy. Capture offers the marketing and recruitment solutions powered by the Behavioral Intelligence Platform, so you can tailor prospective student experiences by delivering automated, personalized messaging — when students want it most.

Smart Marketing and Recruitment Solutions

Context Makes the Conversation

Behavioral insights and data inform and shape into relevant, timely, and meaningful interactions that help students explore your institution with a sense of belonging.


Generate more inquiries with marketing through behavioral data and predictive analytics.


Learn more about your future students as they engage with your institution.


Drive engagement, encourage next steps, and keep your future students updated.


Use Behavioral Intelligence to conduct successful digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Advertising

Pinpoint Your Messaging, Customize Your Ads, Influence Next Steps

Targeting and retargeting allow you to pinpoint your message and reach prospective students based on email address, household address, proximity to campus, previous website visits, social media activity, and more. Serve social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And drive students to customized landing pages, encouraging them to take important next steps in their enrollment journey while you gain valuable profile information throughout the process.

email marketing

Double Your Click-to-Open Rate by Delivering the Right Message at the Right Time. Every Time.

Capture’s Behavioral Email Series (BES) boasts an astounding 35% click-to-open rate — nearly double the industry benchmark. With BES, recipient behaviors inform email marketing pathways and messaging, allowing you to send content to interested prospective students when they are interested. Also, retain, develop, and add email campaigns to your Slate CRM with Slate Email Marketing from Capture, and create instant, meaningful connections with students through Text Message Marketing.

search consulting

Focus and Optimize Search Based on Your Enrollment Objectives and Most Successful Markets.

Through Capture’s Search Consulting, enrollment experts and data scientists examine historical performance, current market trends, and your strategic needs to design the profile of your prospective students. They also use a machine learning-powered Search Model to optimize your search budget, conduct “look-a like market” searches for new market development, and help shape your future class.

Direct Mail

Generate More Applications and Enrollments while Sending to a Smaller, More Engaged List.

Marketing automation and predictive models allow you to target top prospective students with personalized print pieces that enforce your institution’s brand, echo your message, and maximize engagement. When driven by data, 90% of Direct Mail is viewed or opened on the day it is received. Send beautifully designed and institutionally branded print pieces to Search lists and inquiries who are most likely to apply at your institution, and applicants who are most likely to enroll. 

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