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Focus Your Resources, Maximize Your Impact

Focus your search name purchases, digital ads, direct mail campaigns, and counselor travel and outreach on the prospective students you are most likely to influence toward application. Capture’s APPLY not only uses historic data and what we know about the prospective student, but also their actual demonstrated interest in your institution by incorporating ENGAGE’s behavioral data in a way that no other model can. Students in the top decile of the APPLY prediction model apply at 13 times the rate of lower-predicted students.  

Screenshot of APPLY product dashboard
Why apply matters

Next-level applicant models

APPLY allows you to minimize uncertainty, focus spending and maximize the impact of your campaigns. It is the only application model in the industry that integrates machine learning and behavioral data. 

Increase Confidence

Know the strength of your pool to meet your application targets.

Rank and Score Prospects

Get tremendous visibility into your inquiry and suspect pools.

Reduce Spending

Save on campaigns by directing resources to students who are likely to apply.

Augment Your Staff

Benefit from the insight and expertise of Capture’s data science team.

charts in APPLY product dashborad
Resource Optimization

Focus Your Search, Travel, and Outreach 

APPLY allows you to only invest in the search names that are most likely to apply to your institution. Additionally, APPLY provides predictive intelligence and application likelihood for all prospect records in your CRM in order for you and your team to make effective strategic and tactical decisions. Optimize your counselors travel, personal outreach, advertising, and email campaigns to save effort, time, and money. 


Access and Leverage Insights Anytime

APPLY includes an interactive, web-based dashboard that includes rankings of students for the next two enrollment cycles, daily updated predictions, and real-world, up-to-date reporting on the model’s accuracy. The dashboard offers fresh tactics and strategies based on the right geo-markets using an interactive map to show concentrations of students grouped by likeliness.   

Real Time statistics on APPLY dashboard
AID Historic Data

Real-World Accuracy

APPLY offers full transparency of how the model is performing. Your historical data is validated by our team of data scientists, assessing various dimensions of data quality. The dashboard displays not only model statistics, but also real-time accuracy reporting of how the model is performing on the upcoming class. 


Your Most Critical Groups to Influence

In a quick glance, APPLY provides insight into the most critical groups of students to influence by breaking your funnel population into 10 equal groups (deciles); showing the predicted application rate for each group. With information like this at your fingertips, you can immediately focus on groups of prospective students with the highest likelihood of applying.

Funnel Information
Best Practices screenshot

Best Practices for Using the Data

Predictive insights are most useful when paired with behavioral and actual human intelligence. APPLY places the updated predictions on every user profile identified on your website through ENGAGE, Capture’s marketing automation built for higher ed recruitment. Capture’s data scientists and account executives then provide best practices for using this data across your institution on an ongoing basis. 

Apply Outcomes

Lucky 13 Times

Students in the top decile of Capture’s applicant predictions apply at 13 times the rate of lower-predicted students.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

APPLY’s success stories

Fewer Viewbooks, More Applications – Gannon University

At the beginning of the enrollment cycle, Gannon University admissions counselors analyzed the results of a Capture APPLY predictive model — a ranked list of the prospective students who were most likely to apply.

Pushing the Boundaries of Recruitment – Jefferson

In the summer of 2018, Thomas Jefferson University was preparing for their second recruitment cycle after their successful merger with Philadelphia University. The admissions team was looking to keep the momentum going.

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