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Telling Your Institution’s Unique Story

Your university has its own story, heritage, offerings, and brand. With best-in-class marketing automation and solutions, delivered by experts, we support you — the marketing and communications professionals who support your institution’s enrollment and advancement teams.

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How We Do It

By Helping You:

Create Content and Creative

Generate and deploy robust dynamic content, emails, and digital advertising.

Connect With Relevance

Deliver custom experiences throughout the recruitment cycle.

Reduce Marketing Spend

Eliminate dependency on aimless, batch-and-blast mass marketing.

Align with Enrollment & Advancement

Help drive your institution’s enrollment and fundraising efforts.


Connect and Convert Anytime and Anywhere 

Tailor the experiences of those engaging with your website and digital assets through automated, personalized, 1:1 messaging that is sent when the person wants it and without additional resources from your team.Analyze your audience’s behavior and provide them with relevant and dynamic content through the first and only marketing automation platform built for higher ed. 

Success Story
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Pinpoint Messaging and Reach Potential Students 

Find and reach out to your prospective students in their digital habitat with advertising capabilities that allow you to target your prospective students and their parents based on geography — even to the level of one’s specific household — and their email address. Additionally, retarget ads, throughout the web or on social media platforms, to engaged individuals who have previously visited your website.


Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time. Every Time.

Traditional batch-and-blast email marketing is not seeing the results it used to. Delivery, open, and click rates have declined. That’s why Capture takes a different approach. Our Behavioral Email Series, Slate Email Marketing, Ad Hoc Emails, Triggered Emails, and Email Analytics have set a new standard for how email can be used for higher ed marketing.
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Technology, Solutions and Services

For Higher Ed Marketing Success

Combining marketing automation, digital advertising, email marketing, and a managed service approach, the industry’s only Behavioral Intelligence Platform helps you attract the right students and donors for your institution.

Built for Higher Ed Marketing

ENGAGE is the only marketing automation platform built for higher ed institutions – enabling you to make personalized and timely connections with students and alumni. Identify your prospective students and alumni, connect with them relevantly, and convert them into applicants and donors. 

Marketing Solutions

Digital advertising, email marketing, and dynamic content that deliver results.

An Extension of Your Team

Collaborators, coordinators, communicators and creatives. All working for you. Capture’s platform and solutions are part of a managed service, so our project managers, account executive, digital marketing specialists, content creators, creative designers, data scientists and other industry experts will augment your team.


DigiPen Institute of Technology

Meliza Afable, Director of Digital Strategy at DigiPen, sat down with Capture to talk about how our products help her institution’s marketing campaigns. Learn how DigiPen aims their messaging to the right students at the right time.

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